• Angry Boo iPhone and Android has been launched with great success


    Angry Boo, in iTunes, has made its way to the Top 25 downloads overall in the US and Top 5 in Spain. We have accounted already 250.000 downloads and growing.
  • Yubi Games and MTI in Japan partner together to publish Angry Boo in Japan.


    Along with the great team of MTI in Japan Yubi Games has published Angry Boo in this competitive market. MTI has been of great help adapting both the game and the business model to the Japanese requirements. If you want to know more please contact us: info@yubigames.com
  • First Windows 8 game published in the store: Math Invaders


    Yubi Games has just released its first Windows 8 game in the Market. This new game is a good mixture of fun and learning. You will be able to improve your math skills and train your brain to conduct rapid calculations. Enjoy! To know more about Windows 8 distribution contact us: info@yubigames.com
  • Yubi Games reaches an agreement with Meele Studios to distribute Spirit Fencer exclusively.


    After achieving a big success in online flash games the new and refurbish mobile version of the game is available in the iTune store. Soon it will be available also for Android handsets and we are preparing versions for mobile operators in China, Japan and South Korea. One of the most used features is the multiplayer function where hundred of users can challenge each other easily with a perfect synchronization with the Game Center